BA1a/ Project No.3 Research

Project No.3’s task is to read Hans Christian Andersen’s short story ‘The Tinder Box’ and use the text to design one of the characters in the book; the only other guideline to this is to design the concept in the given time period. My time period is Edo Japan. The first thing to do was brainstorming initial ideas. After reading the story the two characters that I could see being the most interesting to design was the soldier or the dogs.



  • The first thing that I looked into from my mind map was the samurai which is a  noble warrior of premodern Japan; who were the highest ranking soldiers in the Japanese military in the Edo period (1603-1867). They used a verity of weapons; bows and arrows, spears and guns but the main weapon were the swords. Their means of life was directed in a self-disciplined respectful and ethical way, being loyal to their masters. Samurai that had no master were called ronin(japan-guide, 2014).
  • The second warrior figure in Edo Japan was the ninja, unlike Samurai they were seen as unhonourable as they were specialised in unconventional warfare which would be infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. They used ninjutsu meaning the art of stealth which includes a virally of different combats and military knowledge. It was all passed down through generations. They were families of farmers in the mountains of Iga and Koka. Ninjas wore navy blue not black because it was harder to see at night, however, they dressed to blend in so most of the time the dressed as civilians. weaponry included: shinobigtana, swords, bo and naginata, war staves and pikes,shuko, hand-crampon, tessesn and metal fans(Szczepanski, 2015). Ninjas where sale swords,  employed by the many warlords of japan to help take castles and land. After war period in japan, they were used as spies(japan-guide, 2012)
  • There is a lot I could do with the soldier; he could be a cross between a Samurai and a Ninja, having parts of different armor and weapons. combining the looks of the two could be very effective. He could be a ronin feed up with all the honor and the self-discipline. which could explain the greed for all the money?


  • just touching the surfaces of japans mythical creatures and folk tails I can see that they have a creature, demoed or god for anything and everything. One of the mot comparable creatures is the  Inugami which is a spirit created by a master as the master berries his dog up to its neck and lets it starve to death. The spirit stays loyal to the create and is suppose to give him power and good fortune. families that have inugami are called inugami-mochi and said to be very powerful and able to make friends wealth and cause illness on enemies(burne, 2010).
  • There are also tales of flying fox-like dragons and wolf that save little girls from demons but the japans translation is really vague had to understand. However, the myth of the inugami could give me loads starting point for the character creation. Mixing some Japanese dragon feature could make it more monstrous and magical.